Eden’s Redemption

Eden’s Redemption:

Teaching people to understand who they are, why they’re broken,

and the hope of the redemption of all creation through Christ Jesus.

We aim to teach God’s incredible design of male and female, why it matters, and the glory of God it points to.

Available Teachings Include:

  • The Testimony of Laura Perry Smalts, Former Transgender
  • How to Reach Your LGBTQ Loved Ones
  • God’s Incredible Design of Male and Female and Why It’s Good
  • Understanding the History of Transgenderism
  • The Dangerous Cult Mentality of LGBTQ+
  • Hope for the Hurting Parent
  • The Joy of Embracing Biblical Womanhood
  • Responding Biblically to the Transgender Culture with Compassion
  • Protecting Children From the Harms of Medical Transition

The goal of Eden’s Redemption is to equip the Church, primarily. We love the Bride of Christ and want to see her flourish. I am one evangelist to the LGBTQ+, but if we can train the church we will have thousands. You ARE equipped on how to reach the LGBTQ+, but you may not be aware of it. We also want to teach anyone who wants help the incredible wonders of God’s design for gender and sexuality that He has taught us. God’s design is mind-blowingly good and Satan is deceiving our young people to believe it’s repressive and confining. We aim to shatter those lies.


All of our teaching is based solely on a biblical worldview. Our goal is to equip you to understand gender & sexuality biblically.

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We are in the process of creating Q&A videos along with our teaching. We hope to give short, biblical answers to the questions everyone is asking.


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upcoming events

14 Jan

Greenwood, IN (Indianapolis)

We will be at Stones Crossing Church to share Laura’s testimony in the morning service and teach with a Q&A in the evening.

23-25 Feb

Columbus, NE (near Omaha)

We will be sharing our testimony and teaching at a conference Friday-Sat and speaking at the church Sunday morning.

22 Mar

Lake Wales, FL (Orlando)

We will be speaking at Warner University to the students for chapel and a couple of classes.

Have Questions?

Frequently Asked

We are currently working on more resources to answer common questions we receive both when speaking to a crowd and by individuals reaching out. We plan to make short video clips of the most frequently asked questions about LGBTQ+ lifestyles and identities from a biblical viewpoint. However, we have begun writing some resources and

How do I book Eden’s Redemption to speak?

We would be glad to speak with you further about bringing us to your church, school, or any other group to share our testimony or teach on this subject. Click Here for more info on what we offer.

How much does it cost to bring you to speak?

Currently, we do not have a set speaking fee. However, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry and appreciate expenses covered plus a love offering or honorarium if you see fit.


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